3 Steps You NEED To Include in Your Marketing Strategy with Josh Latimer, SendJim

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In this blog post, we share the 3 steps you need to include in your marketing strategy to watch your company go from strength to strength. These will help you grow your business to the heights that you’ve always dreamed of. I was joined by marketing genius Josh Latimer, who has helped other business owners like you, as he ran through the 3 tips you need to know before starting any marketing campaign.


Marketing Strategy Step 1: Systems

Repeat + duplicate your process

The first step to include in your marketing strategy to find new customers is creating a System. A repeatable, duplicable and trainable way, of finding new customers on demand.

Marketing Strategy Step 2: Leveling up my own believes

What opportunities are out there?

When it comes to marketing, one of the most important things is to get new customers. But keep in mind, not all customers are created equal. You want the right type of customers? Then understanding ‘perceived value’ is key!

1. Hyper-targeting –  get specific with who your customers are

Don’t just offer your service to everybody. Get specific! Find out where they live or inform yourself about their income.  List all those things out to find out more and hyper-target them. You don’t want customers who only care about the price. Find those who can afford a premium service, trust you and want high-quality services. Only target your ideal customer.


2.Personalize – make your message specific to your costumers

Another important step to include in your marketing strategy is getting more specific with your messages. Stand out from the crowd and target a direct neighborhood by naming it by name in your printed materials, think: “Special Offer for Portslade Residents”. Personalizing your message will definitely help you gain customers; your material will jump out in a pile of generic leaflets.




Marketing Strategy Step 3: Multi-touch

Your customers need to see your message multiple times.

When they have a small budget and are terrified of using it,  a lot of people just throw out their message once…but this is a bad idea. You need to do it over and over at the right times of the year. Just when you’re about to enter the peak of your revenue curve, that’s when customers want to spend money on your services.  Don’t spend all your money when no one is buying – spend your money right before everyone is buying and charge high prices.


Perceived Value

What does it feel like to do business with your company?

What do you think it feels like to do business with your company? The way you answer your phone and the way you carry yourself on the job speaks a lot about you and contribute to your ‘perceived value’. Even the way you do your service and answer the phone speaks volumes. Where can you add small details or change small actions to increase this value? It could be an automated email afterwards or leaving a box of chocolates and your business card at the property to thank them for their custom. Small touches go a long way!

Implement these steps today and ensure they become a routine part of running your business. Hyper-targeting your customers, sending them personalised messages and reaching the right people multiple times will help you build your business as big as you dream it to be.

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