How To Run Your Business While On Vacation or During the Holidays

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How To Run Your Business While On Vacation or During the Holidays

Often, for business owners, going on vacation generates more stress than excitement. You feel like, without you, your business can’t run and you feel anxious about leaving your team alone. Well, in this article we are sharing with you easy tips on how to run your business while on vacation or during the holiday season. In order to turn the dream of a napping under the palm trees into a reality, you will have to prepare for your absence from the office. In this case, the key points are organization and anticipation.

How to manage your phone calls while on vacation

If you have a business where phone calls are important in order to make sales, like most cleaning businesses, you need to make sure the phone is still being answered whilst you are away.


  • If you feel the need to totally unplug from work, you can hire a telephone answering company. The benefits of these companies are that they are highly trained in converting sales. That means they know exactly what to say, so you won’t miss those all important sales.


  • If you are planning on responding to your calls yourself, we suggest you use a VoIP phone. VoIP is a service that allows you to make free, or very low cost, telephone calls over the Internet. You can call any telephone in the world and any telephone can call you, regardless of what equipment or network the person you are calling uses. It also allows you to keep your business telephone number, that way you can easily keep in touch with your customers while you are away. If you are interested in the VoIP service we recommend to choose one recording calls. That way you will be able to remember important information without having to take notes from the beach.


  • If your plan is to train your team members or even a friend to respond to your calls, make sure before leaving you start thinking about what kind of questions your customers are asking you. Write the perfect answers down in an easy to follow script. That way, your team members or friend will have a ‘manual for answering your phone’ helping the phone calls sustain your amazing customer service without you.


  • To finish with, make sure you bring with you an extra battery charger, that way you will be able to take pictures during your holidays, but  you will also be reachable in case of an emergency.


How to manage your emails while you are away


  • If you are using Gmail, we highly recommend Boomerang. This tool allows you to schedule emails to send at a later date. This could become handy when you have sent an email, but you don’t want to sit in front of and send it or you don’t have internet access.  In this case, wrote them before going on holidays and schedule them.
  • Another tip for emails is to make sure you set up an autoresponder to anyone that emails you to let they know that you are in holiday, when you are coming back and instructions if something is urgent. The autoresponder can also direct your customer to the person to contact if you are unavailable. 


How to develop effective systems


  • Before leaving, we suggest you to prepare notes explaining every task that you and only you have the knowledge of. That way, anyone using this guidebook would be able to run your business while you will be away. Make this guidebook as informative and detailed as possible. You can create it on a word document and include informative videos in it. In order to create those videos , we recommend a software called Jing, it allows you to record your screen and make short videos showing what to click on and exactly how you would have executed that particular task. Writing a guidebook takes a lot of time, but it is worth it because nobody will interrupt your holiday to ask you how to do something. Plus, it is an investment as it can be used every time you will be away.


  • Another handy software to use is LastPass. It allows you to save all the passwords you use within your business and share them with your team members. The passwords are encrypted, so your team members won’t see what the password is, keeping your privacy secure, but it allows them to use the password without having to ask you for the longins details. You can also use this with credit and debits cards or Paypal if employees need to buy anything on your behalf.





  • Even if you prefer to manage your tasks on your own, it is important to delegate tasks that you will not be able to complete before going on vacation and that may need to be completed during your absence. So, don’t be afraid to delegate! People in your team may even be excited by the idea of new responsibilities and experiences. 


  • It is also important to make sure all your customers know in advance that you are going to be away and when you are coming back. Share it on social media, individually call or email them. That way they will have enough time to ask all the questions they need to ask you, meaning you can go on vacation with total peace of mind.


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