How To Network Online To Win More Customers

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In order to be successful today, it is very important that every company has its own platform on the internet. You can use online tools on how to network to win more customers like Profoundry but there are other ways to use Social Media Strategies to reach a lot of new people and this blog post will show you how to network to win more customers. Do you want to know how to use your network properly? Consider these tips and read on…

How To Network Online To Win More Customers Tip 1:

Which target group do your customers belong?

Knowing how to network to win more customers is very easy as soon as you start following these tips. The first and most important tip? Identify your customers! This makes it easier to find the ideal people to work with. Are your customers rather young? What’s their income like? Do they even use Social Media? If your target group doesn’t use any network, it will be difficult to build a relationship with that customer.

How To Network Online To Win More Customers Tip 2:

The Do’s and Don’ts

When you present yourself online, such as on Instagram, you should be aware of the fact that you need to have a special behavior online. There are a couple of do’s and don’ts you need to consider such as…

DO: Share your story with your followers. People buy from people, use your unique story to relate to your customers. Use social media as a chance to invite your customers into your brand and your goals and personality.

DO: Try connecting with other companies and people on Social Media. This will make you look more authentic and will help you make more relationships.

DON’T: Publish everything and too much at once! You may want a larger reach, but too much posting might make the customer get disinterested.

DON’T: Post, if you don’t bother checking on how successful your post was. Did your customers think that it was interesting? Did they leave a like and or a comment? If not, you might need to review this and change something the next time.


How To Network Online To Win More Customers Tip 3:

Create a community or a group

There are many more ways on how to network to win more customers. One efficient way is a forum for example. People like to be part of something special by nature. Forums have been around for a long time and are still used often to this day. Facebook makes it easy to create a community with Facebook groups, join some and contribute or even set up your own.


Here’s the Digitool Facebook group, we created this to connect with like-minded people and also to give value to people who are our ideal customers. Who are your ideal customers? What groups are they in? Could you create your own group?


How To Network Online To Win More Customers Tip 4:

Celebrate together

Think about when your favorite Football Team wins a game. You don’t say that THEY won. You say WE won. That’s the effect people get when they are a part of a team or community and have achieved something together. This can also work in your business. Has your company reached a milestone like 5.000 subscribers? Celebrate together! Your customers will feel as if they have contributed to it.



Always remember – having a network doesn’t mean selling yourself, but getting to know others and creating new relationships. If you follow the tips in this blog, how to network to win more customers, will be one of the easiest things.

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